Maromax - medical bags manufacturer

We produce medical bags for doctors, ambulance crews, hospital attendants, nurses and etc. Maromax was founded in 2010.
Our long-term experience allows us to develop the functional and convenient bags meeting the medical staff requirements.
All bags have necessary quality certificates.
We are ready to send you trial samples in order to prove quality of our products.
The bags are made of strong, but light and easily cleaned material which extends its service life. The reinforced seams and strong handles allow to maintain heavy loadings. The bags have an adjustable shoulder strap. Bag walls are in addition strengthened in special way, which excludes breaking of medicines and other glass devices in case of falling. Additional storage sections inside the bags are very helpful for quick access to required medicine equipments. Sometimes it is vital for the patients, time can save peoples life. The protective and fixing grids inside the bags prevent stuff from any damage. Transparent cover of the pockets allow to see contents of sections without opening it.
We are open for cooperation and ready to sale of our products worldwide.
Please contact us via the following email to start cooperation or for any further questions. The website in development. All information is on the website